Large Persian flower motif Isfahan carpet

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Object Description

Impressive Persian wool and silk Isfahan carpet
Persian, 20th Century
Length 340cm, width 288cm

This exceptional, large carpet stands as a magnificent testament to the artistry that has flourished in Isfahan, a region renowned for its rug craftsmanship since the 17th Century Safavid dynasty.

Honouring the Isfahan carpet tradition, this rug captivates the eye with its sizeable central medallion, a lavish montage of stylised floral motifs arranged in a typical rosette form, ornamented with spear-like motifs at its perimeter. The medallion, a mélange of navy and light salmon hues, boasts details in red and light blue, echoing the region’s distinctive color palette.

The medallion is set against a background field of vibrant ruby where palmette designs are woven and arrayed in a concentric fashion. These motifs, awash in shades of blue, leaf-green, and white, are further complemented by a salmon-colored frieze design in a shape that mirrors the central medallion.

The central tableau is beautifully bordered by a robust frame in ivory and navy colours. Subdivided into diverse patterned friezes, this frame adds a sense of depth and richness to the rug, staying true to the Isfahan design ethos. The most prominent of these friezes showcases palmettes with floral sprays arranged in the complex Shah Abbasi pattern.

This carpet is more than just a decorative piece; it is a tribute to a cherished tradition. It reveres the rich heritage of Isfahan rug-making, observing ancient design principles with exquisite craftsmanship. It is a tangible testament to a globally recognized and celebrated cultural legacy, a luxurious blend of the past and present that promises to enhance any room.

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