Large Viennese cold painted patinated bronze Orientalist lamp by Titze

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Object Description

Large Viennese cold painted patinated bronze Orientalist lamp by Titze
Austrian, Early 20th Century
Height 48cm, width 34cm, depth 16cm

Crafted in the quintessential Viennese style, this exceptional lamp by Austrian artisan Alfonzo Titze, made in the early 20th century, is a marvel of cold-painted bronze.

The lamp depicts a camel ferrying a canopy or ‘howdah’, from the Arabic, sheltering three female figures engrossed in their journey’s sights. Two of them, adult figures, don regal golden draped attire and turbans, while the third, a child, wearing an elaborate headdress, displays awe at her surroundings. Bright green, red, and black traditional Islamic patterns ornament the carriage, while a vibrant red textile, adorned with many tassels, decorates the camel’s neck, bringing a sense of movement to the piece.

A fourth figure, a man, is depicted leading the camel, his attire mirroring the vibrant colours of the women’s. He holds the reins in a firm grip and seems distressed, leading us to think that he is encountering some difficulty in controlling the animal. Accordingly, one of the adult female figures is portrayed with her arm raised in a commandeering position, making us think that she is giving the man instructions.

The cold-painting process involves applying multiple layers of unfired dust paint to patinated bronze, resulting in vivid colours and stunning detail, as seen in this piece. Cold-painted bronze offers the advantages of vibrant colour, intricate detailing, and enduring quality, enabling the creation of dynamic and aesthetically stunning pieces that withstand the test of time.

This Orientalist lamp, with its enchanting tableau and exceptional vibrant colours reflects impressive attention to detail and quality, making it a coveted addition to any collection.

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