Meerschaum pipe bowl with silver mountings by Klinkosch

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Object Description

Meerschaum pipe bowl with silver mountings by Klinkosch
Austro-Hungarian, Late 19th Century
Height 19cm, width 21cm, depth 9cm

Emerging from the annals of late 19th-century Austro-Hungarian artisanship, this extraordinary Meerschaum pipe bowl melds utilitarian design with meticulous artistry. Cast in a dark honey hue, the pipe bowl, adorned with its silver mounting and intricate carvings, paints a vivid picture of a forgotten epoch renowned for its refined smoking accessories.

At the heart of the bowl’s pot chamber lies an engaging narrative: Turks and Hussars, mid-battle atop their steeds, their swords brandished in a testament to their courage and vigour. The intricate, detailed carvings breathe life into this historical drama, embedding the pipe with a dynamic sense of storytelling.

Adding a layer of nationalistic pride to this captivating scene is the Hungarian coat of arms, etched with impressive depth and precision into the Meerschaum. As a silent guardian of Hungarian legacy, the coat of arms is a symbol of national identity that resonates with historical reverence.

Highlighting the Meerschaum’s dark honey allure, the pipe bowl features a lustrous silver mount, injecting an opulent contrast and an aura of affluence. The silver shank, tenderly engraved with a cascade of petite blossoms, offers a serene touch of nature that counterbalances the militaristic scene of the bowl.
Adding to the aesthetic harmony, intricate arabesque patterns bedeck the rim, their fluid, curvaceous lines forming an intricate dance of symmetry and complexity. This ornate adornment pays homage to the artisan’s prowess and the era’s penchant for luxurious detailing.

Impressively marked with ‘J.K’, the pipe bowl carries the proud signature of its creator, Joseph Carl Klinkosch—an acclaimed silversmith of the Austro-Hungarian era. His exceptional craftsmanship and the fine attention to detail are indelibly stamped on every facet of this pipe bowl, resulting in a remarkable blend of functional practicality and artistic flair that mirrors the grandeur of the late 19th century.

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