Orientalist oil painting of Damascus Gate in Jerusalem by Macco

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Orientalist oil painting of Damascus Gate in Jerusalem by Macco
German, Early 20th Century
Frame: Height 66cm, width 84cm. depth 8cm
Canvas: Height 42cm, width 59cm

Imagined and brought to life by German artist and illustrator, Georg Macco (1863-1933), this captivating Orientalist oil-on-canvas painting showcases the vibrant scene at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem.

Depicting a bustling thoroughfare, the canvas is alive with the energy of traders and their vibrant market stalls lining either side of the street. Amidst this animated marketplace are animals like goats and chickens, adding a further layer of authenticity to the scene, and showcasing the artist’s masterful range. A focal point is an elderly man, clad in warm shades of brown and beige, complemented by a vivid head scarf, as he ambles towards the viewer. Adjacent to him, a woman is immersed in a negotiation with a market vendor for an array of fruits and vegetables.

Further in the backdrop, a colourful assemblage of individuals can be seen, swathed in a rainbow palette of red, yellow, brown, and blue. Their activities range from strolling towards the viewer, moving into the distance, or engaged in lively discussions.

The painting’s left side offers a more serene ambiance, with fewer market stalls and people. It features a female figure seated beside a stack of brown bags, while another figure is seen standing next to a donkey, their back to the viewer.

The backdrop is adorned with light-hued architecture, embodying the natural characteristics of the depicted location. The artist introduces an element of subtlety by adding delicate green accents to the buildings, enhancing the allure of this splendid artwork.

Encased in an ornate giltwood frame, this painting proudly bears the artist’s name on a plaque at the bottom centre, ‘G. MACCO’. The signature ‘G. Macco’ is also inscribed at the lower right of the piece.

Macco’s artistic explorations were fuelled by his extensive travels during the turn of the century, particularly through the Mediterranean region. His journeys led him to cities like Cairo, Istanbul, and Jerusalem, sparking inspiration for his art. This artist’s masterpieces grace the halls of prestigious museums such as the Kunstmuseum in Düsseldorf.

Rich in culture and teeming with life, Macco’s market scene painting is an exceptional artwork, highly suitable to those who appreciate the Middle East’s vibrant culture and energy.

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