Orientalist oil painting with Equestrian subject

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Object Description

Orientalist oil painting with Equestrian subject
Continental, Early 20th century
Canvas size: Height 21cm, width 32cm
Framed size: Height 30cm, width 40cm, depth 3cm

Drawing upon a desirable Orientalist subject, this cinematic oil on panel painting depicts a group of Arabs resting with their horses at sunset.

On top of a rocky outcrop are three figures accompanied by two horses. The intimately cropped composition combined with the sketched painterly style give a sense of immediacy to the scene, in an almost impressionistic style. The horses too are subjects in their own right, standing proud alongside their riders in a strikingly humane rendering, reflecting the universal admiration of the equestrian subject within the realm of Orientalist art.

The rich colours of this composition are a clear stand-out feature, with the vibrant red and brown hues of the garments and landscape shrouding the figures in a swathe of evening light. The brilliant white details in the piece, such as in the tail of the horse and the spearheads, provide delicate contrasts which draw the eye and bring the scene to life.

Framed in an elegant giltwood and painted frame, the painting is indistinctly signed in the lower left-hand corner.

This tender scene is a beautiful celebration of the Orientalist genre and would make an excellent addition to the collection of anyone interested in Orientalist art.

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