Pair of 19th Century bronzed electrotype plaques

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Object Description

Pair of 19th Century bronzed electrotype plaques
French, Late 19th Century
Frames: Height 61cm, width 71.5cm, depth 12cm
Panels: Height 42cm, width 52cm, depth 6cm

Hailing from the late 19th century, this remarkable duo of bronzed electrotype figural plaques stands as a testament to the creative prowess of the French sculptor √Čtienne Alexandre Stella.

Imbued with a vivid drama that captivates the onlooker, these pieces depict 17th-century stylistic scenes. The first plaque unfurls the tale of a clandestine romantic rendezvous, presenting a man and a woman dressed in intricately detailed attire, their secret love affair discovered by a sword-wielding man lurking behind a column. The backdrop – a town square complete with an inn and its proprietor – draws the viewer deep into the story through its remarkable intricacies.

Adding to the narrative begun by the first, the second plaque captures the aftermath of discovery – an intense sword fight presumably over the woman’s affection. The men from the initial scene, now in combat, are depicted with precision, their facial expressions and body language accurately portraying the heightened emotions. A public square serves as the stage again, with an array of supporting spectators adding to the intensity.

Setting these pieces apart from other electrotype works is their bronzed finish – an unusual feature for these types of plaques, which are traditionally silvered. The richness of the bronze enhances the texture and depth of the scenes, delivering a captivating and singular visual experience.

The large scale of these plaques demands attention, their impressive dimensions underscoring the incredible craftsmanship and meticulous detailing. Housed within a beautiful giltwood frame, their magnificence is further accentuated.

As part of a series, these plaques originate from casts by Stella, a sculptor acclaimed for his distinctive style and masterful execution in bronze.

This pair of plaques exudes charm and promises to add an intriguing dimension to any interior they adorn.

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