Pair of cloisonné enamel decorated and silver gilt eggs

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Object Description

Pair of cloisonné enamel decorated and silver gilt eggs
Russian, 20th Century
Height 7cm, diameter 5cm

This duo of Russian antique eggs, artfully hand-fashioned from gilded silver and bedecked with painstakingly rendered cloisonné enamel, serve as proud emblems of the nation’s rich lineage of gem-studded eggs.

Crafted from sterling silver, as attested by the coveted ’84’ zolotnik stamp, each egg gleams with a seductive sheen, their interiors revealing the full splendour of gilded silver.

The enamel floral arabesques, a hallmark of Russian craftsmanship, undulate elegantly across the egg’s shell in an intricate ballet. These arabesques are arranged in a patterned circular band around the eggs, with larger circular, floral emblems taking centre stage in the body of the pieces. The bold blues of the enamel – in varying shades, from azure to navy – are offset by vibrant ruby red accents, making for an arresting visual contrast.

Deeply rooted in a vibrant cultural tradition, these Russian eggs transport us back to the grandeur Russian Imperial court, where such jewelled eggs served as symbols of affluence and authority. Yet, these eggs extend beyond a simple homage to history. They stand as the zenith of an art form, marrying tradition with artisanal prowess.

In the elegant beauty of the silver gilded bodies and the intricate choreography of the cloisonné enamel arabesque patterns, these antique Russian eggs voice a tradition immersed in both aesthetic excellence and historical significance. They are more than mere ornaments of beauty, but palpable connections to an era where art and tradition were irrevocably entwined.

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