Pair of Han Dynasty Female Court Ladies

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Object Description

A finely modelled hollow-moulded identical pair of Eastern Han Dynasty court ladies, portrayed in a kneeled position, with arms outstretched frontally, as in holding an object. The figures are presented wearing the traditional Eastern Han Dynasty court attire, known as shenyi, consisting of a long vest, tied to the waist and long, flaring sleeves, revealing a bright orange undergarment. The hair of both figures is arranged in a high bun, covered by an orange cap. Facial features, such as eyes and eyebrows, are rendered through a delicate black paint, while the lips are painted in bright red. The original white, orange and brown pigments would have been applied to the figurines after firing, with the result that the paint would have been more prone to flaking. The figures’ arms appear missing the detachable hands, which in antiquity would have been supporting offering or incense sticks.

Date: Circa 25-220 AD

Period: Eastern Han Dynasty

Object Condition

Condition: Extremely fine, with original pigments still visible to the surface. The piece has been Tl tested at Oxford Authentication Lab.

Object Details

  • material
  • dimensions
    H:28.6 centimeters

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