Pair of large oil paintings of battle scenes by van Imschoot

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Object Description

Pair of large oil paintings of battle scenes by van Imschoot
Belgian, 19th Century
Frame: Height 86.5cm, width 116cm, depth 10cm
Canvas: Height 57cm, width 86cm, depth 2cm

This extraordinary pair of oil-on-canvas artworks is by Belgian artist Jules van Imschoot.

These exceptional-quality paintings depict the tumultuous Franco-Prussian War of 1870, narrating two pivotal battles, and showcasing the best of the Romanticism movement within the 19th-century Flemish painting school. Born in Ghent, van Imschoot emerged as a celebrated painter and etcher, gaining recognition for his exceptional portrayals of battle scenes and military subjects, and his mastery of capturing horses.

The first artwork portrays the dramatic Battle of Gravelotte, where the Prussian army secured a resounding victory against Napoleon III’s forces. Van Imschoot’s masterful brushwork brings to life the intensity of the moment as we witness French forces being led in retreat by Marshal Bazaine, who is depicted in a resplendent cuirass.

The artist’s deft use of light brushstrokes and a subtle, muted, colour palette capture the palpable agitation that permeated the historic battlefield. Van Imschoot’s portrayal of horses, a subject for which he is renowned, shows great prowess. Through delicate lines and strategically placed points of light, he skilfully depicts the animals’ glossy coats and dynamic energy as they leap over a wall.

The second artwork depicts the pivotal Battle of Sedan. This monumental scene showcases the victorious Prussian 8th regiment, swords in hand, contemplating the triumph that reshaped European politics. Van Imschoot’s masterful use of light creates an atmosphere of gravity and significance. The ethereal landscape blends seamlessly with the sky and foliage, brought to life through the artist’s delicate brushwork. The dust kicked up by the charging army is artfully captured with a vibrant, tenuous shade of oil colours.

The paintings are each elegantly encased in carved gilt wood frames, complementing their artistic mastery.

Imposing in size and grandeur, this remarkable pair of paintings bear the artist’s visible signature, inscriptions, and dates, testaments to their authenticity and historical relevance. Notably, their backs reveal detailed inscriptions, recounting the subjects depicted and the remarkable histories of the locations where they once resided. Among these is Easton Neston house, the stately country seat of the Lords Hesketh.

Displaying this pair of paintings in a room space would provide it with an elegant and momentous accent.

Object History

The pair of paintings was previously sold for £36000 at Sotheby’s London as part of the Easton Neston sale, on May 17, 2005.

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