Pair Staffordshire grandparents with grandchildren figures


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Object Description

Pair of Staffordshire porcellaneous figures which feature a grandfather and grandmother, each with a child, seated on a shaped base. Dull gilt base line and embellishment. Flatback, decorated mainly to the front. Vent hole to underside of one.

Object Condition

Male: Good. Paint losses to grandfather’s hair and his breeches. Rubbing to gilt. KILN EFFECTS: firing crack to the reverse of his chair; small firing pit to grandfather’s nose and side of his leg; flecks of stray coloured cobalt glaze to grandfather. RESTORATION: Boy’s neck reglued and join retouched. Female: Good. Small chip to underside, at the reverse. Flakes to base edges. Abrasion to grandmother’s nose. KILN EFFECTS: tiny glaze pops to grandmother’s skirt; flecks of stray coloured cobalt glaze to grandmother; kiln soot caught in the glaze to grandmother and reverse of her chair; small firing hole to underside of girl’s skirt. RESTORATION: Filled chip to corner of base.

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