Persian woven wool Isfahan prayer rug

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Object Description

Persian woven wool Isfahan prayer rug
Persian, Early 20th Century
Length 213cm, width 128cm

This magnificent Persian prayer rug hails from the historic city of Isfahan, an area famous for its masterful rug-weaving heritage.

Persian prayer rugs, like this one, are considered sacred spaces used for worship, providing a dignified and isolated platform for individual prayer.

Hand-woven from wool, the rug features a central rectangular field whose lower bottom features a riverbank in shades of cerulean and green. The central panel then features twin symmetrical trees, growing from rocky platforms, and a central geometrically stylised vase, from which seven grand rosettes in a striking ruby hue emerge, all enclosed within an arch reminiscent of a mihrab.

The scene unfolds over a backdrop of intricate vine scroll motifs. This core panel is surrounded by several concentric borders – thinner ones depicting delicate floral designs, and a broader one showcasing a design based on the traditional Middle Eastern pomegranate pattern.

The judicious use of colour enriches the visual narrative of this rug. The cream colour of the central field imparts an ivory-like quality, aligning perfectly with the peaceful aura desired in a prayer rug. The intricate vine scrolls motifs that spring from the vase are rendered in traditional Isfahan colours, featuring shades of red, indigo, green, and an array of pastel hues.

Expertly woven by artisans whose skills have been polished over generations, this Isfahan rug utilises the highest quality wool local to the region. Each stage of the creation process is meticulously carried out, resulting in a rug that radiates an aura of reverence and magnificence. This rug is a harmonious blend of spirituality and artistry. It serves as a symbol of faith and as an example of outstanding carpet-making artisanship.

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