Portuguese silver set of four identical snuffer trays

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Object Description

Portuguese silver set of four identical snuffer trays
Portuguese, 19th Century
Height 3cm, width 16cm, depth 10cm

A quartet of splendidly crafted Portuguese silver snuffer trays, hailing from 19th Century, constitutes this set. With their unassuming but refined design, these trays effortlessly elevate the aesthetics of any interior setting.

Each tray is made entirely of silver, known for its sturdiness and longevity, and its luminous sheen bathes the surroundings in an enchanting glow, reflecting light with breathtaking brilliance.

Total weight of all pieces is approximately 567 grammes. 

One of the distinctive features of these trays is the delicately detailed pierced gallery sides. This design feature showcases a beautiful, intricate motif that echoes the classical elegance of the fleur-de-lis motif. The meticulous intertwining of these motifs lifts the trays beyond their practicality, transforming them into pieces of stunning craftsmanship.

The trays’ four feet are surrounded by elegant engraved leaf motifs, adding a natural touch to their beauty and synergizing with the complex piercings to further enhance their overall allure. The feet are modelled in a claw design, which is a traditional design of Portuguese silver.

Created to accompany candle snuffers, these trays serve the practical purpose of catching dried wax flakes from candles. Snuffers are instrumental in extinguishing a candle’s flame safely by suffocating it, thus causing it to extinguish. Each tray is individually stamped with the maker’s insignia and a hallmark ‘L’, certifying their Lisbon origins.

As an harmonized set, these Portuguese silver snuffer trays not only add aesthetic value to any discerning collector’s display but also serve as eye-catching decorations on any table top.

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