Roman Gold Solidus Swivel Pendant of Valentinian I

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Object Description

A beautiful gold pendant featuring a Roman gold solidus coin minted by the Emperor Valentinian I. Depicted on the obverse is the bust of Valentinian, wearing a diadem and draped and cuirassed, in military attire. An inscription, known as a legend, encircles the bust and reads; DN VALENTINIANVS PF AVG. This indicates the name of the emperor, Valentinian, and his title as Augustus. On the reverse, the Emperor is featured standing facing right and holding a labarum (a military standard presenting the christian symbols of Chi-Rho) and a small winged Victory. some well-preserved writings run around the borders. The legend on the reverse reads; RESTITVTOR REI PUBLICAE. This labels Valentinian as ‘Restorer of the Republic’.

The coin is set in a modern 18kt gold frame, which is topped with a diamond adornment. The gold frame is then attached via a swivel feature to a knobbed, silver arched loop. Silver ribbed terminals are interspersed evenly along the arch. The arch twists at the top to form a loop for an additional suspension loop. The frame displays a gold hallmark, hand crafted by a London Hatton garden jeweller. The swivel feature allows the wearer to show the desired face of the coin.

Date: Circa AD 364-375

Object Condition

Extremely fine condition. Original coin has been pierced from previous wear as a jewellery piece.

Object Details

  • dimensions
    W:3.5 x H:4 centimeters

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