Roman North-African Redware Head Oinophoros

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Object Description

A stunning Ancient Roman red slipware jug from North Africa featuring an ovoid body moulded into an androgynous head. The neck of the figure acts as the foot and the base of the vessel. The facial features are highly stylised including the large slightly bulging, almond shaped eyes, straight nose and a small mouth. Herringbone pattern decorates the straight thick eyebrows and eyelids. Soft locks of hair pinned with grape vines frame the face in the front, while in the back the hair is styled close to the head possibly representing a braided style or a hairnet. A stylised vine wreath is represented around the edge of the forehead. Most likely she represents a maenad, a female follower of Dionysus/Bacchus. The sides of the vessel taper in towards the cylindrical neck leading to a thick, oval rim decorated by a horizontal ridge. A handle has been attached at the back from the neck of the jug to the shoulder. The neck of the jug was stamped with the maker’s mark; it reads DEOGRA[TIS?]/ΛS.

Date: Circa 3rd – 4th century AD

Object History

Cambridgeshire, UK, private collection, 1990s.

Object Condition

Excellent condition. Some discolouration to the surface of the jug.

Object Details

  • dimensions
    W:11 x H:21.5 centimeters

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