Samurai Kabuto Russet Iron Edo Period

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Object Description

A tetsu-sabiji [russet iron] san-ju-ni ken [32 plate] suji-tate hachi [A multi-plate helmet in which the rivets are countersunk, leaving the flanged edges of the plates prominent]. Iron haraidate-dai/jiri-shinogi [A tubular crest holder that is attached to the centre of a helmet peak]. Iron tsuke mabizashi [visor]. Shiten-no-byo [Vestigial rivets used as a decorative feature on the mid exterior of a hachi]. Copper tehen-no-kanimono [An ornamental metal surround made up of one or more za that is stacked on top of each other over the tehen and anchored in place by the tama buchi tube].

Tetsu-kuro urushi-nuri ita-mono [solid black lacquered iron plates] roku-dan [six lames] sugake odoshi hineo shikoro [laced in the sugake simple hang style / neck guard manufactured in the hineo style]. Fukigaeshi medium size [turn backs].

Shinobi-no-O asa [Silk rope helmet cord].

Object History

Age: Edo period. 18th century. 江戸時代 Chuki 中期

Japan: Iron, lacquer, silk, wood, gold

Provenance: Private collection in Japan

Object Condition

Very good

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