Set of 12 Sèvres porcelain plates with hand-painted pastoral scenes

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Object Description

Set of 12 Sèvres porcelain plates with hand-painted pastoral scenes
French, c. 1864
Plates: Height 3cm, diameter 23cm
Case: Height 10cm, width 76cm, depth 52cm

Originating from the 19th century, this exquisite set of twelve Sèvres porcelain plates showcases the masterful touch of the renowned French manufactory. Each piece in the set showcases the technical prowess of their painter, ‘Thuillier’.

The centre of each plate serves as a canvas for charming pastoral illustrations. Each of these unique narratives details a romantic encounter between a pair of lovers, encapsulating their heartfelt moments within serenely pastoral surroundings. The artistry and finesse within the strokes, as well as the keen eye for detail, vivify the scenes, conjuring an aura of beauty and whimsy.

The painted landscapes in the backdrop harmonize with the plates’ narratives, portrayed in a subdued blend of hues without overbearing embellishments. The thematic consistency is reflected in the palette predominantly made up of tranquil blues and soft greens, amplifying the serene ambiance emitted by the pastoral scenes.

Girdling each plate is a rim painted in a deep shade of cobalt blue, highlighted with intricate designs of gilded anthemion motifs and scrolling patterns. The blue colour coupled with the gleaming gold creates a stunning contrast against the white porcelain, infusing a sense of sophistication and opulence into the ensemble. The rim is further enriched by an external acanthus leaf band frieze pattern and an internal bead-and-reel frieze pattern, both in gilt.

The plates bear assorted markings, including the iconic ‘Sèvres’ emblem and the noteworthy ‘Chateau Des Tuileries’ stamp. These distinctive symbols authenticate the plates’ origins as genuine Sèvres porcelain.

The plates are housed within a purple velvet-lined case, produced at a later date.

Epitomizing the quality of Sèvres craftsmanship, these plates capture the essence of French luxury and artistic finesse. The enduring charm and superior workmanship revealed by these plates make them an impressive accent to any porcelain collection or a striking element of an elegant tablescape. While every plate portrays its unique scene, the overarching theme renders the collection a charming option for a refined luncheon or dinner gathering.

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