Set of pink amethyst, agate, fossilised ammonite and coral fossil

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Object Description

Set of pink amethyst, agate, fossilised ammonite and coral fossil
Continental, 20th Century
Largest: Height 6cm, diameter 18cm
Smallest: Height 3.5cm, width 18cm, depth 12cm

The collection consists of various types of rocks and fossils and celebrates the creations of Mother Earth.

The largest of the four pieces is a fossilised ammonite. These were shelled cephalopods and went extinct around 66 million years ago. Their brown shell enabled them to float in water. The several shades of brown and cream wonderfully accentuate the coiled structure of the shell and the various patterns decorating it.

The central panel of the agate piece is filled with a plethora of crystal-shaped forms. They are framed by a deep red border highlighting their beauty and intricacy. The surrounding area of the rock is darker and coloured in shades of grey, brown, and red.

Pink crystals are revealed inside the amethyst geode. The minerals magnificently shimmer in the sunlight creating a dream-like aura inside an interior space. The outside of the rock is grey, therefore its stunning inside creates an element of surprise for the observer.

The last piece is a coral fossil, also known as isastrea fossil. Its surface is adorned with a plethora of round shapes and lines. Isastrea is an extinct genus of coral that existed during the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. The beige and pared-down colouring of the fossil ensures one’s attention is drawn toward the subtle, yet fascinating shapes covering it.

These magnificent pieces would make a superb addition to the collection of a nature enthusiast.

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