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Object Description

An 8-day mystery swinging pendulum clock, dating from the first quarter of the 20th century.

Of the two types of movements we see that operates this type of clock, this movement is far rarer than the Junghans variety, and what is more, far better.
The principle by which it works is a smoother piece of design, less problematic, and gives a stronger action to the pendulum.

The clock movement / dial and pendulum all swing as one, pivoted just below the dial. This design means that, contrary to normal, the regulation is such that you screw the pendulum up to slow down, and down to speed up.

A beautifully engineered 8-day movement with a white enamel dial, which shows some feint hairline cracks. I would not choose to restore these as I do not feel it detracts from the overall finish.
The dial is signed Oscillator 8 Days, Mobile Watch Co, Swiss Made.

The clock consists of an onyx pillar with some integral polished brass fittings. The thinner sections of onyx have a lovely translucent appearance, and allows the light to shine through.

The overall design of this clock is a small, petite, delicate item.

I don’t normally like onyx, however this clock overrides this view because the overall look and feel is absolutely beautiful. This will sit fabulously well in an modern setting.

Height 25 cms

Object Condition

Overhauled and guaranteed for 3 years

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