Tang Glazed Figurine of Court Lady

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Object Description

A finely rendered Tang Dynasty moulded terracotta ash-glazed statuette of a court lady, depicted wearing the traditional Tang Dynasty court attire, known as ruqun, further embellished by a shawl worn down the shoulders. The dress features a long skirt, tied high to her chest, emphasizing the lady’s slender figure and leaving her feet uncovered. Differing from the typical Tang court robes that have wide and flaring sleeves, hers are represented narrow and tight, allowing both her hands to be free to hold an object, possibly a musical instrument or an offering. This elegant lady is presented with her hair arranged in a high bun,with few locks naturally covering her forehead, and wearing a delicate make-up.

Date: Circa 618-906 AD
Period: Tang Dynasty

Object Condition

Extremely fine, reattachment of the head from the neck. Glaze still visible to the surface.

Object Details

  • material
  • dimensions
    W:8 x H:32.4 centimeters

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