Twelve 19th Century painted and gilt metal desk accessories

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Object Description

In this age of computers and technology, this antique desk set harks back to a more romantic time when people read letters at their desks by candlelight, and responded to them, writing in ink and sealing the envelope with a wax stamp.

The desk set is comprised of twelve gilt and painted metal pieces: two inkwells (one tall, with handles, the other more squat and without handles), a pair of candlesticks, a bell (with which to call a servant), a spoon (to melt wax with) and stamp, a candleholder, a shallow dish (possibly an ashtray), an ink blotter, a pen tray, and a letter-opener. These items are stored in a red velvet-lined wooden case, which is marked on its exterior with an interlocking, ‘TM’.

All the twelve items are designed in a refined, Neoclassical style. Several of the pieces have fluted stems, and most are edged with fine painted decoration. These paintings depict flower garlands, which are a combination of light green, purple and white in their colour.

This desk set will make a superb addition to a study, library or living room.

Case- Height 16cm, width 40cm, depth 46cm
Spoon- Height 1.5cm, width 11cm, depth 2.5cm
Stamp seal- Height 8cm, diameter 3.5cm
Letter-opener- Height 3cm, width 23.5cm, depth 3cm
Bell- Height 12cm, diameter 6cm
Candlesticks- Height 19.5cm, diameter 10cm
Pen tray- Height 2.5cm, width 24cm, depth 8.5cm
Ink blotter- Height 6cm, width 12cm, depth 8cm
Bowl- Height 5cm, diameter 13.5cm
Candleholder- Height 7cm, width 16cm, depth 13cm
Small inkwell- Height 12cm, diameter 9.5cm
Large inkwell- Height 15cm, diameter 19cm

Object Condition

Split repair in top of case and glass from interior of small inkwell missing.

Object Details

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