Western Asiatic Gold Belt Appliqué with Pellets

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Object Description

A finely rendered, Near Eastern-Western Asiatic gold appliqué, featuring a central six-petalled rosette framed on either side by a triangular plate. Each of the petals is decorated with a gold leaf, repoussé granule, with two larger pellets on the triangles. The edges of the appliqué are outlines with a filigree trail. The reverse features a bezel-like frame, perhaps to elevate the ornament from the material it was attached to. There are four perforations at the edges of the piece, suggesting that it would have been used to decorate a garment, or more probably a belt.

Date: Circa 1st Millennium BC- 1st millenium AD

Object History

Ex major London collection, S.M. 1970-1999

Object Condition

Very fine condition. The appliqué is intact, some of the gold leaf pellets are misshapen

Object Details

  • dimensions
    W:2.5 x H:0.4 x D:1.1 centimeters

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