Jenny Yang

Founded in 2005, ANNSONS is an European antique specialist based in southern Taiwan.ANNSONS specializes in French and English antiques, with a dealer network of 1,500, making between 4 to 6 buying trip a year and bringing in over 15 containers. ANNSONS is a family run business with 2 generations working together in the business, serving private collectors, shops, museums and working with designers for commercial spaces.

For us ANNSONS is not just a business, but a family vocation, one which the whole family is involved in across two generations with the third generations already growing up in the business. We are not passionate just about the antiques, but the history, culture and art of Europe, a passion we love sharing with fellow collectors.



安森國際自成立以來的宗旨是透過專業的資訊,透明的價格,熱誠的服務讓更多喜愛古董收藏的朋友可以更容易加入藏家的行列,對經營團隊來說這不只是一個工作而是一個『family business』,全家人一起投入的志業,從古物延伸到歐洲文化將古董收藏代代相傳,為文化保存與歷史價值的再現盡一份心力,並且與所有志同道合的藏家朋友們一起分享這份共同的熱情。


566, Section 3,
Yongcheng Rd,
(South) District,
Tainan City,

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