Manoj Phatak

ArtRatio is a boutique manufacturer of art conservation furniture, dedicated to protecting the market value of works of art.

Our smart glass vitrines become transparent only when someone is nearby, allowing a truly theatrical presentation of rare, fragile manuscripts, antique photographs, textiles and jewellery.

At all other times, our products become completely opaque, providing after-hours security and reducing UV, IR and visible light damage, which can result in fading and structural breakdown of sensitive materials.

Our products allow private and corporate collectors to increase the market value of investments made in art through exhibition at galleries and museums without compromising the sensitive objects on display.

To date, ArtRatio protects two original maps of the 1815 Battle of Waterloo, 14th/15th century Books of Hours at the National Museum of Sweden and an original 19th-century 'Torres' Spanish guitar.

Opening Times

We are open weekly as follows:

9 - 18
9 - 18
9 - 18
9 - 18
9 - 18


Head Office: Ronda Vall Uxo 125, 03206 Elche (Spain)

Sales Office: 20 Wenlock Road, London N1 7GU, UK

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