Adam Hills

At the heart of Retrouvius is the belief that good materials and well-made things are precious; whether quarried stone or a piece of expert joinery, these objects were hard won and have an intrinsic value that argues for them to be re-conditioned and intelligently re-used.

Our warehouse is a refuge for our ever-changing stock – determined by the serendipity of salvage, evolving fashion, tastes, desires and more than a bit of luck. You never quite know what you will find on our website or by walking through our doors. Architectural salvage stock depends on the vagaries of demolition. We try to keep a regular stock of hardwood worktops and similar materials which are in steady demand. Likewise we always have some good modernist furniture. But we also have mad and quirky pieces, some things that no-one else wanted and we took pity on, and also very desirable pieces that we had to fight for.

Over the years our design team has been involved with a broad cross section of domestic and commercial design projects. With skills in architectural, interior and product design some have been very architectural, others purely decorative covering dates of building from the 15th Century to contemporary. We always try to incorporate some salvaged material although not always easy to spot if it is usually treated with a modern language. If you would like to discuss a design project you have in mind, please do contact us.

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