We Automate the Process of Uploading Your Stock to Multiple Art & Antiques Platforms.

You upload your stock to one place and we pass it through to multiple online platforms. Giving you more potential customer reach and saving you time.

Updating of stock information is also supported. You update once, we update everywhere.

Stock Links is an ingenious piece of time-saving software, developed especially for the antiques trade and dealers who advertise their stock on their own websites and other multi-dealer platforms.

Up until now, dealers have had to go through the laborious task of inputting and uploading all data and photographs for each piece of stock, time after time for every platform that they advertise on. At last, this menial and frustrating process can be completely automated!

The beauty of Stock Links is that it is wholly stand alone, so needs no integration or interference with the programming of either your own site or any of the platforms you advertise on. It simply collects and collates information from your website, then automatically logs into the platforms you select and transfers the data exactly as you would if you were doing it manually.

You can upload new items, edit existing items, hide them, sell them, change photos, and just about anything that you do manually, but you only need to do it once!

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