A Christopher Dresser silver plated hot water can for Hukin and Heath


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I have added this silver-plated piece by Christopher Dresser to the Collection for sale. This is a very appealing design and this example is a rare variant of his well known watering can design for Hukin & Heath.
The watering can is model 9659 and an image of the more common variant of this can be found in the Broehan Museum and illustrated in Widar Halen’s 1990 publication “Christopher Dresser”. This model is unusually hinged at the back of the lid, not the centre, giving a wider and more practicable aperture by which to fill the can. The handle is also a swing handle, not fixed, as is sometimes the case in other models.
Condition is very good. The original plating is intact and as is the the straw insulating the handle, which shows only minor losses and looseness in parts

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