A Sibyl Dunlop silver hallmarked arts and crafts brooch

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For sale is this attractive Sibyl Dunlop hallmarked silver brooch. It is set with a central grey (blue) agate (that looks like a moonstone) with very good surrounding amethysts and green chrysoprase. This is a hallmarked piece, carrying Dunlop’s SD mark and dated for 1962. This is late in Dunlop’s life and this piece is almost certainly made by Bill Nathanson her lifetime assistant and jewellery maker and designer, who ran her shop from 1939.
Condition is excellent and original. The brooch could readily be worn as a pendant.
See additional information for a biography on Dunlop.
Price range: £995
Maker: Sibyl Dunlop / Nathanson
Designer: Sibyl Dunlop / Nathanson
Date : 1962
Marks: SD, London, “g”
Material: Sterling silver, coloured agates, amethyst
Condition: Excellent
Size: Diameter 3.5 cm

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