Jennifer Guerrini Maraldi

JGM Gallery was founded in 2017 by Australian-born Jennifer Guerrini Maraldi, one of the United Kingdom’s leading specialists in Aboriginal Australian Art. Guerrini Maraldi has more than 20 years experience in collecting, dealing and promoting Aboriginal artists and Art Centres across Australia. Through its exhibition program, JGM Gallery sheds light on the art and history of First Nations artists, with a focus on the use of sacred processes and traditional techniques. As well as championing Aboriginal artists, the gallery has a roster of Contemporary artists from Britain and elsewhere.

By exhibiting Aboriginal and British contemporary art side by side, JGM Gallery seeks to counter the pervasive and misplaced perception that the art of First Nations Australians is homogenous. In the words of Guerrini Maraldi, "The styles of this movement's leading figures are as varied, complex and sophisticated as any in the Western Canon."

Jennifer Guerrini Maraldi (née Heathcote) is a leading specialist in the art of First Nations Australians. Following her years as a private dealer, where she exhibited regularly at The Saatchi Gallery and Masterpiece London, amongst others, she founded JGM Gallery in 2017.