Jolyon Warwick James

Jolyon Warwick James grew up in St John’s Wood, north London, and later in Sussex, with the family home being in Cornwall. He is postgraduate educated with a London University degree, after school at Marlborough, Wiltshire. Subsequently taking residence in Australia, he lives in Sydney, operating privately.

For 40 years, Jolyon Warwick James has acted professionally with regards to silver, developing an extensive specialised knowledge and qualifications as a lecturer, valuer (appraiser), and adviser with respect to British, European, Colonial and other silver. He works with collectors, museums, auction houses, government bodies, commercial enterprises, and educational organisations both within Australia and overseas.

His work as a silver specialist requires him to travel extensively undertaking study tours, lectures and fulfilling other commissions. He does this with much energy and professional enthusiasm and has made the pursuit of knowledge and the understanding of the noble metal, into a pleasure to be shared with others.

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Jolyon Warwick James

Silver Consultant, Historian & Valuer


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