Olga L'Agbesi

It all started with an innocuous visit into the world-famous Grays Antiques Centre; what began as an innocent enquiry into some pieces blossomed into a fruitful working relationship (and life-long friendship) that shaped the next 30 years of founder Olga’s life.

Through a combination of Brian and Lynn Holmes’ skilled mentorship as well as the completion of various gemmology diplomas, Olga quickly gained the bespoke knowledge and talents needed to launch her own business; Olga Lagbesi (est. 1997)

Olga Lagbesi is a family run business based in the historic Gray’s Antiques Market across from Bond Street Station. With over twenty-five years trading in the industry, we pride ourselves in our carefully curated Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco period pieces that have been handcrafted by masters of their time.

Every single ring, pendant, necklace, and stone has been critically examined to maximise accurate pricing; we’ve prioritised pieces that come with established certificates from GIA, WGI, and all other esteemed gemmological institutes. We can confidently guarantee that we will never sell enhanced or treated stones, as we know they won’t keep their value in the future.

Our mission is to ensure that, when you invest in a piece from us, you are guaranteed beauty, craftsmanship, and most importantly peace of mind that you’ve made the right choice. In a world of mass-production and synthetically produced jewellery, each piece in our collection is a shining reflection of history; each with its own story to tell.

Rest assured, we make navigating the world of fine antique jewellery as inclusive and accessible as possible in the most transparent and friendly way we can.

No matter what your budget, occasion, or taste, we will stake our reputation on doing whatever we can to promise that you’ve made the most informed decision. Every item we have in our collection is one-of-a-kind; we know that every customer is unique and so believe that our collection should reflect that.